Spiceware Showcases Its New Product Zero Trust Service at the “RSA Conference 2022” in Moscone Center

Spiceware One
3 min readJul 4, 2022

Spiceware successfully exhibited at ‘RSA Conference 2022’. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the conference was held online last year, but this year our team flew to San Francisco during June 6–9 to exhibit our services offline.

RSAC, named after the technology creators, is one the oldest IT security conference series held annually since 1991. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the biggest cyber security conferences in the world. This year, the conference featured 350+ exhibitors including Akamai, Anomali, and AT&T CyberSecurity. Spiceware team was proud to be alongside these awesome cybersecurity vendors as a fellow exhibitor.

Each year, the conference chooses a theme, and this year’s theme was TRANSFORM. The RSA conductors manifest that as we transform as a community, security teams need to evolve and become stronger based on customer demands. Moreover, the fast growing digital industry expects protection and response from cybersecurity specialists. Thus, the growth and transformation ought to continue so that people can connect online securely and confidently.

As a cyber security start-up, Spiceware is embracing the transformation and working towards developing SaaS based Zero Trust Security program. It enables companies as small as 10 employees to protect their personal data securely on the cloud 24/7 without compromising on speed. During the exhibition we presented our products such as Spiceware One ZTS and DPS. Spiceware One is an integrated security management service that solves security loopholes caused by increasing remote work as well as use of cloud and collaboration tools. It consists of Zero Trust Security(ZTS), which protects the overall IT environment including users, data, and devices, and Data Protection Service (DPS), which protects sensitive data stored in the cloud.

RSA conference is not only a place for networking but it is also a place for opportunity to gain valuable knowledge through seminars and exhibitions, where latest technology insights as well as trends are presented. We had over 150 interested companies express interest in our services and the majority of them were from finance and IT sectors, affirming our belief that data protection is a much needed service in the era of digital transformation. You can find our booth information here.

The highlight of the event was a marketing campaign we launched, offering Starbucks e-giftcards and an insulated lunch bag with a witty slogan that read “Zero Trust Lunch Access.” In order to win one of the items, participants were asked to follow us on our Linkedin account and like one of our posts.

RSAC 2022 was only the beginning for our team. Our next venture is SaaStr 2022, one of the biggest B2B software conferences also held in the bay area from September 13th through 15th this year. We plan to conduct marketing campaigns with awesome giveaways like this throughout the year, so we invite you to follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with updates!



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