Spiceware PII CDE to support Node.js Platform

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2 min readAug 2, 2021

Spiceware, cloud-based personal identifiable information (PII) protection service company, announced on August 2nd that Spiceware PII CDE now supports Node.js environment.

With this added support, Spiceware hopes to attract startups and companies in app development, game development, e-commerce, etc. with a small server environment that requires high development efficiency. Companies considering integrated security solution for cloud environment to protect development, testing, production and management cycle can use Spiceware PII CDE to improve productivity, user convenience, and safety all at once.

Spiceware PII CDE supports Node.js, Python, and PHP environments

Node.js is becoming the preferred framework for rapid development of applications and high scalability in the IT industry. It is used to improve the performance of microservices, build system for responding to internal failures, etc. Node.js platform uses JavaScript, where its non-blocking I/O and single thread event loop results in high processing speed.

By utilizing ‘AI technology,’ Spiceware PII CDE detects and manages PII in real time, providing a framework for a safer protection environment. It is perfect for companies hoping to comply with PII protection regulations as it supports both technological and managerial protection measures. Companies already using Java or node.js environment can start protecting sensitive data with minimal coding. Furthermore, there is zero performance cost as it applies directly to the application.

Notably, Spiceware PII CDE alerts abnormal behavior using a semantic analysis algorithm model based on supervised learning, which can detect encrypted PII without a decryption process. With its collection∙detection and classification capability, abnormal behavior detection, and machine learning prediction, Spiceware PII CDE minimizes manual work to eliminate security threats and efficiently manages personally identifiable information in the clients’ database.

Spiceware CEO, Keunjin Kim, stated: “We decided to support Node.js environment for Spiceware PII CDE to match the increasing popularity of Node.js. We will provide undivided support to companies utilizing Node.js, in hopes that they can work more conveniently under a protected environment.”

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